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Our Services of website creation:

E-Commerce website

Agence web Marseille, Création de site internet : Écran avec fenêtre contenant un panier/ website creation

Showcase website or Blog

Agence web Marseille, Création de site internet Écran avec image de site/ website creation

Maintenance or Redesign

Agence web Marseille, Création de site internet : Écran avec engrenage et dégradé de couleur/ website creation

Search Engine Optimization

Agence web Marseille, Création de site internet : Logo SEO indiquant "Search Engine Optimization"/ website creation

The different types of website creation :

Our website creation business includes different types of websites and associated services to meet your needs:

  • An e-commerce site facilitates online product sales, offering shopping cart and payment functionalities. It allows customers to buy directly.
  • A showcase site highlights your company, services or products. It provides information about your business, but does not allow customers to buy online.
  • A blog offers regular content on specific subjects. It shares information, advice or opinions to engage readers.

Web optimization :

  • Website redesign: This involves a complete overhaul of its design, structure and functionality to modernize it and make it more attractive and functional. The aim is to improve the user experience and meet current needs.
  • Website maintenance: This is the ongoing management of your site to ensure it runs smoothly. This includes content updates, bug fixes, data backup and security. Maintenance ensures that your site remains efficient and secure.
  • Search Engine Optimization: This involves optimizing your site for a better position in search results by using keywords, improving structure and creating links. SEO aims to increase visibility, attracting more visitors interested in your content or products.

The advantages of a website :


 A website allows your business to be visible online and therefore to reach a wider audience. Potential customers can find your company by searching for products or services online.


With a website, customers can access your business 24/7, even outside of your store’s opening hours.

Operational optimization

It provides functionalities such as a booking tool, which increases productivity and reduces costs by automating booking processes.

Last Project :

Last website creation project :

Home hairdresser website with booking feature

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